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The Collision Shop Dearborn 313-277-4500 provides auto body repair, paint and frame repair in: Dearborn, Wayne, Romulus, Taylor, Ecorse, Allen Park, Lincoln Park, Melvindale, Inkster, Garden City, Dearborn Heights, Detroit.  At the Collision Shop Dearborn, we pay your insurance deductible or provide you with a free loaner car. We will put your vehicle back to pre-accident condition both structurally and cosmetically.  Using factory specifications we straighten the frame or uni-body to its pre-accident condition, parts are replaced with OEM, (Original Equipment Manufacturer), reconditioned, or with Aftermarket Parts, Lifetime Warranty, depending upon the customerís request and budget.

Services We Offer:

      Free Estimates
      Theft Recovery
      Factory Package Paint
      Unitized Body & Frame Repair
      Saturday Hours
      Fleet Repairs
      All Makes & Models
      Lease Turn-Ins
      Insurance Repair Specialists
      Lifetime Warranty

We then refinish the repaired or replaced parts with a factory package paint. This is the same paint that is used at the factory when the vehicle was originally built. This way we can assure the same color quality and texture as the factory finish. Each vehicle is then detailed inside and out, prior to being delivered to the customer. This is how we are able to offer a Lifetime Warranty on the repair of your vehicle.

Our customers have come to know and trust THE COLLISION SHOP for saving their insurance deductible or providing a free loaner, (there are some restrictions that apply, please call for details).

A program that we first started in order to help our customers save time and money with their repairs.  Coupled with our Lifetime Warranty, why would you have your vehicle repaired anywhere else?

Contact us today and let us show you how easy it is to have your vehicle repaired at The Collision Shop of Dearborn.

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We Pay Your Deductible or Free Loaner
(Some Restrictions Apply - Call For Details)

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